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Fashionhomez Electric Nano Spray Gun Machine
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Product SKU Electric Nano Spray Gun
Size (L x W x H) 29 cm x 19 cm x 10 cm
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Before use, the rechargeable nano-bulb-shaped lightweight atomic dock needs to be fully charged.Each charge takes 2 hours and can be used continuously for 3 hours.

It is forbidden to use disinfection solutions that are insoluble in water because they can easily block the nozzles.

During use, upright as shown in the above figureto prevent the liquid from flowing back.

Alcohol or disinfectant can be used, After each use, please run the spray gun with clean water for about one minute at the first time to clean the spray gun. Please use the disinfection spray gun correctly.

Operation introduction:
After charging is completed, press the button and the machine will atomize automatically.Then the blue indicator light beside the atomizing nozzle will light up. The size of atomization can be adjusted by the regulating valve beside the atomizer.
Please turn off the power after the atomization is completed.

Product name: K5 Nano spray gun
Model: K5
Product gross weight: 650g
Working voltage: DC 3.7V
Battery capacity: 2000MAH
Charging voltage: DC5V/1A
Power: 15W
Bottle volume: 380ML
Spray distance: 1-1.5 meters

Precautions for safe use
To ensure that you use this product correctly, please read carefully all safety precautionsbefore using it. The safety precautions can help you use this product correctly to avoid personal injury or property damage to you or others. The contents of safety precautions are asfollows, please follow the relevant regulations of safety precautions