Fashionhomez Coco Peat Block (650G)
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Size (L x W x H) 20 cm x 10 cm x 5 cm
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Product Descriptions:

  • Volume: 20x10x5cm (Approx 6-8L after expansion)
  • Weight: Approx 0.65kg
  • Material : 100% natural compressed coconut coir

***Coconut peat is a 100% natural substance made from the pith inside a coconut husk. It is naturally anti-fungal, making it an excellent choice to start seedling plant.

1.Place the cocopeat block in the prepared container with water.
2.Wait for it to absorb water and slowly expand
3.After fully expand, advise to add in other amendments such as (perlite/vermiculite/pumice...) and fertilizer to for growing plants.

  • Lightweight & odourless
  • Easy to store & use
  • Excellent in moisture retentive
  • Good ability to retain nutrients while still providing porosity and free drainage
  • Coconut Peat is sterility. It doesn’t have any bacteria, fungus, harmful chemicals, and no weed seeds
  • Coconut Peat is neutral in pH from 5.5 to 6 on average.
  • It is very suitable for good cushion material especially for amphibians and reptiles (turtles and lizards)