PROMOTION ITEM K005 Zhong Piao Natural Herbs Instant Hair Dye Shampoo-5 colours
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THE EASIEST WAY TO DYE YOUR OWN HAIR ---- only 30-45 minutes time

This is a kind of hair dye which can dye your hair into color in 30-45 mins and specially designed to make your hair shinning just through the ordinary process of washing hair at bathroom.
Compare to the traditional hair dye, it has the advantage of low cost, time-saving convenience.

Direction to apply:
1. Press and apply the appropriate portion solution onto your hair, gently massage [Just like how you wash your hair with shampoo]. Hair must be in dry condition when apply the mixture. 
2. Wait for 10 min. Raise with water after 10 min. 
3. Your hair will look naturally black, permanently on existing hair length.
1. Do not scratch by nails, otherwise the damage of the scalp may lead to inflammation
2. Allergy tested on skin about 48 hours before usage.
3. In case of eye contact, please rinse by water immediately.
4. Store it in cool place away from sunshine. Keep it out of reach of children.
5. Wear gloves before use.